Attendance, Uniforms, & Concerts

2013 Stars

Uniforms & Concert Dress

Singers will be issued a formal concert uniform consisting of shirt, pants, and a tie for boys. You are responsible for purchasing your own black shoes and socks which adhere to GCC’s guidelines. The formal uniform remains the property of GCC. The fee for the use of this attire is $50 and is included in our payment structure. $25 will be refunded at the end of the year upon the return of these items in acceptable condition, and the remaining $25 serves as a cleaning/maintenance fee. If any part of the uniform is damaged or not returned, you will be billed for its replacement.

In addition to the formal uniform, singers must purchase a GCC polo shirt directly from us. The cost of the polo shirt is separate from the uniform fee and must be paid at camp (end of July/beginning of August). The polo shirt is the same from year to year, and does not need to be replaced unless it is lost or your child has grown out of it.

We also require the purchase of a t-shirt or other costume materials for our Spring Sing concert at the end of the school year. This shirt changes from year to year and thus must be purchased by all singers. Payment for this shirt is also due at camp.

Dress for most concerts will either be the formal uniform or the blue polo shirt and nice jeans or capris (the weekly newsletter will specify each concert’s dress). Formal uniforms must be accompanied by black knee socks and the appropriate shoes (black Oxford-style shoes for boys; black ballet flats for girls). Long hair must be pulled back and secured out of the singer’s face with simple black hair accessories. Jewelry and makeup are strongly discouraged. Boys’ blue neckties will be distributed at each concert and collected afterward. For our less formal polo-shirt concerts, the shirts should be worn untucked and loose (never tied in a knot behind the back) with the top button unbuttoned. Hair and makeup guidelines are the same as for formal concerts.

Members of the uniform committee will be standing by at concerts to help with any last-minute concerns. If a singer is missing part of the uniform or is not dressed appropriately, he or she may not be allowed to sing in the concert.

Attendance Policy (Point System)