Fundraising, PFAs & Scrip


The Greeley Children’s Chorale offers multiple opportunities throughout the season for fundraising. There are two types of fundraisers. Some fundraisers benefit us as a group, and others add to your singer’s personal fundraising account (PFA). Monies accumulated in PFAs may be used for trips GCC takes, as well as tuition. Each year there is one mandatory fundraiser to benefit GCC, as well as several optional fundraisers to benefit individual singers’ PFAs. Failure to participate properly in a fundraising activity may result in denied participation in future fundraisers, and your account will be debited any cost the Greeley Children’s Chorale may have incurred on your behalf.Funds donated to the Greeley Children’s Chorale from organizations showing appreciation for special performances will be designated to the general fund. However, at the discretion of the choir directors and board of directors, donated funds can be designated to be equally distributed among participating choir members.

Personal Fundraising Accounts (PFAs)
Scrip Programs