Other Expenses

This is a list of possible expenses you may incur if your singer chooses to participate and/or you choose to attend certain optional events.

Sporting Events Where We Sing the National Anthem

UNC Games: Typically free for the singer with group rate tickets for family members ($8–12). Fall/winter.

Colorado Eagles: All attending are required to purchase a ticket, both singers and family members (group rate $13–15). Usually in March. Charge for parking.

Rockies: All attending are required to purchase a ticket, both singers and family members. You have a choice of $3 upper level seats or $14 lower level seats. Usually in April. Parking at Coors Field can cost $14–16.

Special Events

Poinsettia Pops: Peak Performers usually perform with the Greeley Philharmonic Orchestra at the Poinsettia Pops Concert in early December.  For parents who choose to attend, tickets range from $10–35.

Disney on Ice: Summit Singers are treated to a trip to Disney on Ice. GCC purchases tickets for the singers and arranges carpools. If family members choose to attend, they can purchase tickets at a group rate ($11–13). Usually in March. Charge for parking.

These prices are set by the hosting event and are subject to change.

Other Charges

Polo Shirts (required): All singers must have a blue polo shirt which costs $15. If a polo is lost, damaged, or grown out of, a new one must be purchased.

Spring Sing T-Shirts (required): Each year we create a special t-shirt to be worn by all singers during our Spring Sing. These shirts cost $10 and are paid for at the beginning of the year.

Group Photos: We take photos of Peak, Summit, and both groups together in October. Prints can be ordered for $7 each and are usually delivered before Thanksgiving.

Concert CDs & DVDs: We make an audio recording of our Winter’s Eve concert (December) and a video of our Spring Sing (April). These recordings cost $15–20.