Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many rehearsals can my child miss?

Choir members may ordinarily miss no more than 3 rehearsals per major concert in order to be eligible to participate in that concert. If 4 or more rehearsals are missed, the choir member will have to sing his/her music individually for the directors to show preparedness before being allowed to perform in that concert. Read more about concerts

What if my child misses a performance?

Missing one of our major concerts is serious business. Singers must provide a reason in writing to the directors immediately following the concert. Your child will be allowed to continue to participate in GCC at the directors’ discretion.

Are uniforms required for performances?

Yes, usually. Singers have to wear either their blue GCC polo shirts or their entire formal uniform, depending on the concert. The formal uniform consists of a shirt, pants & tie for boys, and a shirt and pants for the girls. Socks and shoes are the parents’ responsibility. Read more about uniforms

Can I just put money in my PFA instead of fundraising?

Yes. Your child’s PFA (personal fundraising account) can grow in three ways: by participating in the fundraisers that are offered, by using scrip cards, or with money that you deposit in the account yourself. Read more about personal fundraising accounts

How much does GCC membership cost per year?

Usually $450, although it may be less based on your situation. Read more about tuition