Summit Singers, Peak Performers, and Valley Voices

The Greeley Children’s Chorale consists of over 100 children from grades 2–8. Although they often perform mixed, there are actually three distinct groups: Summit Singers, Peak Performers, and Valley Voices. Want to join us?

Valley Voices

We’re starting a new non-auditioned group for kids in grades 2–4 to have fun with music and prepare them to eventually audition for Peak or Summit. This group is ideal for younger kids, siblings of current singers, and kids who love music but might not be quite ready to sing with Peak or Summit. Since there’s no audition, anyone can join!

The main focus of Valley Voices is to enjoy music. They rehearse from 5:30–6:15 on Mondays at Chappelow. Valley does not require formal uniforms and will only perform at Winter’s Eve and Spring Sing. Valley Voices does not participate in our summer camp. Tuition per singer os $200 per year, which includes a nonrefundable $50 registration fee (but does not include concert tickets).

If you are interested in Valley Voices, please send us a message. We are accepting new singers for Valley all year. Tell your friends!

Current Valley Voices (20): Charlotte Arndt, Noah Cordova, Ashlynn Craig, Davis Grauberger, Livia Heimer, Elliott Hein, Lindsey Highfield, Ciena Kieselstein, Amelia Matheson, Liam McArthur, June McGlaughlin, Neevie Myers, John North-Shea, Ilianah Orona, Hailey Ramey, Amalia Rodriguez, Taytum Samsel, Ajay Stalder, Avery Vella, Charlize Villarreal

Summit Singers

Children who will be in 3rd–6th grade and who will be at least 8 years of age may audition for the Summit Singers. Summit performs in three major concerts during the concert season, as well as at our annual “GCC Fun Night,” where we introduce the group to prospective singers. Summit usually goes on a fun outing sometime in the spring.

Current Summit Singers (49): Eduardo Alfaro, Karleigh Arens, Ainsley Brinton, Emilee Castillo, Shane Chaparro, Izabella Chavez, Camden Cooney, Taryn Cordova, Sarai Cordova, Sam Creed, Anna Deering, Serenity Elliott, Annalisa Erickson, Ileene Garcilazo, Cody Gesick, Isabella Gonzales, Emelia Green, Fiona Groom, Ainsley Haggin, Sarah Hulac, Paul Hulac, Grace Jackson, Alexandre Larson-Reyes, Fatima Lone, Guadalupe Lucero, Serenity Maldonado, Annika Manzer, Teagan Maxwell, Ellis McGlaughlin, Natalie Morehead, Evan Morehead, Kate Myers, Charlie Nelson, Tenley Oreskovich, Kimberly Pacheco, Avalon Parlin, Jack Patrick, Merari Perez, Joelle Perry-Grice, Rayna Reiber, Kaileen Rudolph, Gabriele Salem, Lily Schuman-Furister, Hannah Sorbo, Jane Swisher, Ermiyas Tesfaselassie, Celie Tharp, Aiden Travis, Micha Wadman

Peak Performers

The Peak Performers are selected from children who will be in the 5th–8th grade in the upcoming school year. Only children who have been in Summit Singers for 2 years are eligible to audition for Peak in 5th grade. Peak performs in three major concerts during the concert season and also travels on tour each summer.

Current Peak Performers (53): Hannah Anderson, Kendall Avery, Sedra Bertoch, Jazable Breazeale, Seth Campbell, Maya Cooney, Brooklyn Covelli, Madeline Davey, Erin Driscoll, Ashla Fulenwider, Isabel Gallegos, Astrid Garcia, Dylan Gesick, Amya Goodman, Elizabeth Gross, Maleea Hamby, Rudi Herrig, Natalie Highfield, Liberty Horst, Tatiana Jaramillo, Ashlynn Johnson, Tessa Johnston, Emma Johnston, Bella Kiburz, Emma Korby, Ali Lone, Savana Long, Katelyn Maslak, Claire North-Shea, Jasmine Ogren, Isabelle Orona, Kateri Overton, Dante Parlin, Joy Perry-Grice, Joanna Pugliese, Chelsie Roberts, Brianna Rodriguez, Ajay Romero, Nathaniel Rudolph, Ella Rumann, Skyler Schumacher, Jace Shackley, Kyndall Shannon, Emma Sorbo, Elinor Stutler, Kyelin Trujillo, Monica Vargas, Madison Vella, Aileen Vázquez, Hailey Wallace, Macey Wampler, Georgi Ward, Alexa Woody